by Pablo Alfredo de la Peña

Pablo Alfredo de la Peña (Paul) is an internationally shown abstract (geometric) artist from Dallas, Texas. Growing up in the northwestern region of the United States, Paul often meditated on the beauty and design presented by his natural surroundings. In his formative years, he developed a great appreciation for natural geometric figures and shapes. “From the amazing design of animals to the majestic trees and beautiful flowers, the basic elements of design are awe-inspiring,” commented Paul. “The use of the Golden Ratio is seen throughout the natural world and although it isn’t a mathematical approach to always creating great design, it has always helped me produce simple, balanced, and aesthetically pleasing compositions.”

​At times, Paul relies on the “trompe l' oeil” technique (when painting), which is an illusion that uses different lines of perception to produce three-dimensional figures on flat surfaces. He does, however, enjoy working within the natural boundaries of the abstract geometric genre to create three-dimensional compositions.

Although Paul has been honing his craft for a little over a decade, he completed his first artist-in-residency in 2014. At that time, he also completed his first solo exhibition both being sponsored by The Fairmont Hotel in Dallas. Paul has studied drawing at the University of Michigan (Flint, MI) and is currently studying at the New York Institute of Art and Design.

about the artist